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  2. "perfect product for the job"

    job i was asked to do was to fix some ponds and water courses at an ayrshire hotel that were leaking. after lots of searching and investigation i decided to use ka tanking slurry to repair/ reline all the concrete ponds. this involved draining pressure washing and applying ka tanking slurry to all the origional concrete structure and the new cemented repairs i carried out over the damaged areas . the suggested requirements was two coats of ka tanking slurry to be applied . the area total was approximately 70 metres square and i ordered ten tubs of slurry . application was simple just brushing on like a thick heavy paint consistencey . i had enough product to do the whole job with three coats of ka tanking slurry and had one tub left over for any of the detailing around the edges of any other points that didnt hold of which there were only two fail points which was due to lack of attention with application rather than product failure ., and they were easily resolved by lowering the water levels slighty and re doing these areas. the entire area is now sealed and water tight . i have nothing but praise for the product for its ease of use and performance ability . i would highly recommend this product for this application and a future application at the same hotel where i will be using it to seal a basement area where i have to lower the floor level to give a useable head height to this basement area . 5 stars and counting really a product i know i can trust ...... marti

    Review by marti mcvey
    (Posted on 23/09/2013)

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  3. "Wet Garage built into a bank"

    Excellent product I wish I had discovered it earlier after living with a waterlogged double garage every time we had heavy rain. At bit messy to put on with a brush but having a dry garage it was worth it

    Review by Michael Kiernan
    (Posted on 10/09/2013)

    I would use again if required

    (Posted on 03/09/2013)

    A very good product - needed slightly more water than recommended but that was probably due to the ambient teperature.

    Review by Rob
    (Posted on 02/09/2013)

    "Fantastic from web site to product ! End of !"

    Review by Peter Gallimore
    (Posted on 25/08/2013)

    "Solved a problem - fast"

    During the recent downpours we had extensive flooding in our kitchen through the wall (neighbours drain problems). I bought this due to its good reviews, inexpensive price and most importantly next-day delivery. Since its application (the evening it arrived, two weeks ago) we have had no water ingress despite some torrential rain so I'm pretty happy.

    Review by Ed G
    (Posted on 13/08/2013)

    "Looks like it will do the job"

    Over many years we have tried various products to stop damp coming through a block wall with liited sucsess.
    After reading reports and talkiing to the manufacturer, this product seems to offer the best solution yet, however as it has only just been applied time will tell if we have a solution at last.

    Review by Keith Wells
    (Posted on 06/08/2013)

    A very easy to use material: I applied by brush and trowelled the second coat smooth. It appears to have achieved the required result. The price makes this very economical. Can thoroughly recommend.

    Review by Simon Vyle
    (Posted on 26/07/2013)

    "Excellent product, value for money and fast delivery. What more do you want. "

    Review by Brenda Wilkinson
    (Posted on 18/07/2013)

    "good easy to use and seems very effective"

    covers easily quite easy to mix and prepare.
    I sloshed it down and spread it out with a mop.
    seems fine.

    Review by Pat Satterley
    (Posted on 04/07/2013)

    "First class product"

    Used this to seal a Block retaining Wall before putting face Bricks in front.
    Painted on two coats with a masonary brush, no problem.
    So far dry as a bone !
    Excellent product !!

    Review by Kelvin Turner
    (Posted on 26/06/2013)

    I have used this many times on Tanking projects and for applying raglett joints after DPC injection. An easy product to use and the best price ever.

    Review by Alan Roberts
    (Posted on 24/06/2013)

    "excellent product"

    Does what is says on the tub, great product,first time using it and pleased with the result.

    Review by Alex McPhail
    (Posted on 31/05/2013)

    Very pleased with product. works really well. Unable to mix the powder with the amount of water that it states on tub. Had to add more otherwise it became really lumpy.
    Tip: Don't mix up a whole tub until you get used to the product as it could dry before you get it pasted on. I mixed mine up in half amounts each time and coped very well.
    Have never done anything like this before so was pleased with the result.
    Would use again when required.

    Review by Ian Yeomans
    (Posted on 14/05/2013)


    Review by William Burnett
    (Posted on 08/05/2013)

    Does exactly as is says on the bucket

    Review by Jim Stevens
    (Posted on 09/04/2013)

    Good value for money. Did a great job. Will definitely use again!!

    Review by Glen Guilor
    (Posted on 04/04/2013)

    "Affordable solution to damp problems"

    This looks like a good product at a good price. Only time will tell if it does what it says on the tub but I'm optimistic from what I've seen so far. I followed the instructions and thoroughly pressure washed the walls first, left overnight to soak in then applied two coats within 24 hours. Coverage was pretty much as expected. Some salts still came through both on old sandstone and new blockwork even though it says 'all in one no anti-sulphate required' possibly due to lime in the mortar but that's not a problem if dry lining.

    Review by Joseph Willows
    (Posted on 08/03/2013)

    what more can you say apart from the cheapest price i could find. excellent quality and fast delivery

    Review by gavin nightingale
    (Posted on 16/02/2013)

    "Did exactly as manufacturer's claims in providing tanking."

    Used in renovation project.Damp penetration was the issue and product did exactly what was required.

    Review by dominic liddy
    (Posted on 12/02/2013)

    We used this product as a temporary replacement for a brand we were already using and could not get at the time but it is turning out to be just as good

    Review by Jim Clifford
    (Posted on 04/02/2013)

    I have used this stuff for tankiing basements before. It's very good and easy to use. In practice really damp walls often need much more than the two coats it says on the tub, but it really works.

    Review by paul waddington
    (Posted on 24/01/2013)

    Great product does just what it says it will do.

    Review by Chris Williams
    (Posted on 19/01/2013)

    easy to apply, does what it says on the tin!!

    Review by john kane
    (Posted on 16/01/2013)

    Excellent Service - I was out when they delivered but they called me and I asked them to leave it in carport. Free P&P for 4 heavy 25kg tubs of slurry! A fraction of the price of Vandex. Would use again.

    Review by Rob H
    (Posted on 16/01/2013)

    the product was delivered quick and was certainly the best price available. Mixes easily with a drill mixer and is not difficult to put on with a brush but is a messy job as expected . It went on dark grey and lightens up as it dries . Seems to have held back the wet and damp in my garage which was built into a hillside , most being underground. We have noticed a few small patches that might only be condensation but a third coat over that will sort it out .
    It just a shame that it is not supplied in white as the manafactures do actually manafacture in white ,but i suppose not at these prices .

    Review by Adrian May
    (Posted on 16/01/2013)

    "Top product and great value"

    Bought 3 tubs of this to waterproof some porous render. It really is a great product, easy to use and at a fantastic price.

    Review by Andrew Morris
    (Posted on 10/01/2013)

    I bought this after lots of research on line on tanking slurry.
    I chose this brand based on price,which was very good.
    It is too soon to tell if it has worked,but it was a fairly easy application system.
    One word of caution,read the instructions carefully.The surface to be treated MUST be wet/damp.

    Review by Stanley Dave
    (Posted on 03/12/2012)

    I'm a novice but found this to be easy to use and seems to do what it promises

    Review by C Benson
    (Posted on 28/11/2012)

    This product behaves quite badly when you are trying to apply it. It rools into balls and is extremely messy. however, this seems a small price to pay for something that is so vital in a property without a damp proof course.

    Review by julie waterhouse
    (Posted on 20/11/2012)

    Easy to use and looks to be just the job, time will tell but I think it will be good.

    Review by Philip Dimambro
    (Posted on 18/11/2012)

    Looking to protect external foundations that had been exposed. Local merchants could only offer black bitumum paint. Ordered one afternoon, delivered next day! This product easier to use and finished "plasticised" effect looks much better. Would suggest mixing paddle is essential and found it easier to use trowel rather than brush.

    Review by Keith Robertson
    (Posted on 14/11/2012)

    This is the second lot of KA tanking slurry I have ordered. It is considerably cheaper than Vandex and seems to work just as well. The first job we used it on was a partly underground garage with water under pressure against two of the walls. The tanking was then covered with limelite renovation plaster. This was done 9 months ago and is bone dry. Very pleased with product

    Review by Jeremy Irving-French
    (Posted on 13/11/2012)

    slurry does exactly what it says on the tub ,
    just follow the instructions.

    Review by lindsay tocker
    (Posted on 05/11/2012)

    I wish that I had known about this ka before i bought the black rubber based tanking to do the out side . As this is a lot cleaner and easer to use

    Review by lee thomas
    (Posted on 24/10/2012)

    "5 star"

    Review by george kincaid
    (Posted on 22/10/2012)

    Used this tanking slurry on stable wall, fantastic, all dampness and water ingress gone !

    First class delivery as well.

    DD Gillies

    Review by David Gillies
    (Posted on 17/10/2012)

    This stuff is superb value for money.

    Review by Peter Wise
    (Posted on 16/10/2012)


    Review by IAN OWEN
    (Posted on 25/09/2012)

    Found just what I needed in this product. Trick is not to mix too much at a time and apply by brush. (can be troweled on) The slurry works best on wet or damp surfaces which solves most of my problems. The price is just amazing compared with my local merchant--result all round. Used on block retaining wall at 3mtrs below ground level internal cellar re-furb.

    (Posted on 18/09/2012)

    had a real damp problem at the rear of my house this sorted it !!

    Review by jason gilbert
    (Posted on 13/09/2012)

    This is exactly what I was looking for a very cheap price. Thanks!

    Review by builder
    (Posted on 09/04/2012)

    - See more at: http://www.randjbuildershardware.co.uk/ka-tanking-slurry-25kg.html#sthash.81qzgaA7.dpuf http://www.randjbuildershardware.co.uk/ka-tanking-slurry-25kg.html#sthash.81qzgaA7.dpuf

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  4. Ryan - thankyou so much for the material and extensive help.

    As promised, please see attached pics of pond so far. Stones / slabs and a bit of landscaping will eventually cover all of the exposed brick / blockwork and I can send more pics as it progresses (weather dependant of course).

    Thankyou and thanks to Mark for the doorstep delivery.

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  5. Hi, I have today used your tanking slurry for the third time and once again found it to be an exceptional product and great value. It really does do what it says on the tin!
    Do you do any advertising I could put on my vehicle along with guarantee certificates?

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  6. We recently converted large cellars into living acomodation, all external walls that are underground were treated with KA tanking slurry and with amazing results.Our clients are so impressed with the outcome.

    Mike, Mardale Developments.

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  7. Dear kenyon Agencies

    We have used your tanking slurry product for a number of our projects for a number of years and we are delighted with the results achieved, and will continue to use it in the future.

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  8. Dear Sirs,

    I have a large fish pond, walled with Derbyshire stone blocks.
    It has always leaked a little, until Autumn 2009 when it suddenly lost most of it's water.
    Being 76 years old I paid to have it repointed, with no result.
    I painted the walls with deep bonding plastic coated sealant paint, two coats. It still lost all it''s water in 48 hours.
    I dug out all the pointing mortar over the summer and repointed with waterproof cement. No joy.

    I used two coats of KA tanking slurry. ! No problem. The pond is full to the brim and has been for two months.

    Thank you KA.

    Yours sincerely


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