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KA Pave Point has been specially designed to provide a
long lasting, non-shrinking, easy to use answer to the pointing and re-pointing of all internal and external paving work. The formation and development of insoluble crystals into water bearing capillaries and fissures effectively fixes and seals stone paving against the further passage of water and ensures permanent water tightness for the life of the structure. The KA Pave Point system has been developed to function against water penetration in various weather conditions, defending against the damage associated with them.

KA Pave Point is supplied as a powder and when mixed with water, is applied via pointing gun or trowel directly into the open jointing gaps between paving stones.

Pointing_Gun Pointing

Areas of Use
KA Pave Point can be used to replace old and failed pointing work from existing paving or on a freshly carried out
project. Where other mortar pointing will eventually diminish over time, KA Pave Point will actually expand into joints,
channelling into cracks and capillaries, further establishing itself between the paving work.
KA Pave Point is a practical solution to any application where open joints have been employed, such as garden paving, pathways and vehicle parking areas.

•    Provides excellent waterproofing properties, preventing frost/thaw damage from occuring within the substrate.
•    Non Toxic
•    Dual crystalline and surface action.
•    The migratory crystalline action is reactivated whenever water contact occurs.
•    Becomes an integral part of the paving structure, thus
    eliminating potential wear, de-lamination or peeling.
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